Cat Cino is passionate about canines! Her life's work has been dedicated to improving the human-animal bond through education, training and rehabilitation of abandoned pets. Ms. Cino's personal approach to dog training has earned her the invaluable trust amongst North American  pet owners and her peers. She is also recognized as the leader in dog bite prevention and canine aggression by the Ontario Attorney General, Elementary School Boards and many Humane Societies across North America. She believes that dog training has little to do with obedience and everything to do with building relationships that are based on trust and mutual respect. e-mail : “It has been a pleasure working with you on our dog bite prevention training program. I have received positive feedback from our employees on the methods, which you taught on preventing and avoiding dog attacks. We also thought that the use of dogs as part of your training was particularly valuable and provided our employees with a greater understanding of the characteristics inherent to different dogs.” Tami Boulton, Health & Safety, Union Gas About Us